Parties at venues and restaurants fall under the opened services and activities under Phase II to Open Texas.  Bars and restaurants, including wine tasting rooms, craft breweries and similar businesses will have occupancy limits.  Those limits do not apply to outdoor areas that maintain safe distancing among parties.  Unfortunately, the whole premise of a party is to feast, celebrate and mingle with others.  A COVID compliant party will be somewhat odd with handshakes, hugs or toasting discouraged due to social distancing recommendations. 

COVID Compliant Parties

Venues including concert halls and sporting arenas will have to clean and disinfect gathering spaces and equipment as well as tackle more frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces.  Additional manpower will probably be necessary for this task and perhaps to monitor temperatures of staff and evaluate those with potential symptoms.  Owners may also want to consider a staff member to strictly supervise their guests are practicing properly social distancing.

Current recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) mandate that large gatherings involving more than 50 people should be canceled.  The timeline for social distancing for Americans all depends on when cases of COVID-19 have peaked.  This could be very different for people living in various communities across Dallas – Fort Worth and the country.  Some believe we will not return to normal routines until a vaccine is developed or for at least another 18 months. 

From backyard BBQs to weddings to large charity functions being postponed or canceled, we truly are all in this together as everyone is saying.  The restrictions put in place have touched every single one of us in every part of the world. American’s have not been able to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, marriages and babies on the way as they did before COVID-19 showed up. Others no longer have a social nightlife or neighborhood block parties to plan and look forward to.